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Smart cube1

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Smart cube1


  • Width : 289mm
  • Length : 101mm
  • Wide : 138mm
  • Weight : 956g


  • Education

    Loaded with various and systematic learning content that is available only with SmartCube
    Hands-on creative learning that stimulates children’s curiosity and interest!
    Powerful synergy learning effect of affiliated published content!!

  • Business

    Have you experienced inadequacies of a portable beam projector?
    Not only a more powerful beam projector, but also a tablet PC based on Android based tablet PC that allows users to run apps in one package!
    SmartCube ushers you in the frontier to the frontline of business.

  • Outdoor

    SmartCube will be with you not only for your learning and work but also for pleasant leisure time.
    Use SmartCube for outdoor activities such as camping and fishing, etc.


  1. Beam projector [Beam projector with 50 lumens]
    SmartCube’s projector features the highest number of lumens compared to the existing mini beam projectors for children. Adopting LED lighting, it boasts a semi-permanent service life of 20,000 hours!

  2. 90° rotation [Beam projector that can be rotated 90°]
    Since SmartCube’s projector can project an image not only forward but also onto the ceiling, children can enjoy watching videos while even lying down.

  3. WiFi [Unlimited internet service]
    SmartCube allows users to search the internet, enjoy watching videos, play games, and use video calling without any charges. It also allows users to connect to the internet anytime and anywhere, using the smartphone’s tethering function.

  4. 64GB [Maximum 64GB storage]
    32GB internal memory expandable up to 64GB using a Micro SD card

  5. USB [Micro USB]
    Withtwo USB ports and one Micro USB port, users can project various data including video and connect various accessories.

  6. HDMI [Connecting to a digital TV]
    By connecting to a digital TV that supports HDMI, you can enjoy your content running dramatically on large TV screen.

  7. Bluetooth [Freedom from lines, Bluetooth]
    Users can enjoy freedom of using wireless devices such as wireless pen mouse, wireless keyboard, speaker and headset.

  8. Speaker [Built-in dual speakers]
    SmartCube allows you enjoy vivid and majestic stereo sound as if you were at the music playing scene.

  9. Battery [Large capacity battery]
    With its embedded 12,000mA large capacity battery, SmartCube guarantees long hours of outdoor use with no worrying about battery life.

  10. High resolution [High resolution: 1024x600 pixels]
    SmartCube’s high resolution 7”” display adds a sense of dimension as well as realism while playing a movie, video or animation.

  11. Cameras [Rear camera 5 million pixels, front camera 5 million pixels]
    SmartCube’s camera provides perfect video and picture shooting capability, equipping children with self-recording abilities.

  12. IPS [Built-in IPS panel, a dream display panel]
    SmartCube’s IPS display guarantees vivid and bright high resolution screen from any viewing angle.

  13. Fairy tale [Digital fairy tale]
    You can use interactively at your fingertip the built-in fairy tales for digital mathematics, digital science, digital character education, and so on as texts for the Nuri curriculum

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